Joyce Ballet Festival

Program C; 2018, Curated by Jean-Marc Puissant

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Then And Again

Music by Alfredo Piatti

Choreographed by Gemma Bond

Costumes by Ruby Scanner

Lighting by Serena Wong


Song Of A Wayfarer

Music by Gustav Malher

Choreographed by Maurice Béjart

Staged by Maina Gielgud

Costumes by Henri Davila

Lighting by Carolyn Wong


Elite Syncopations (Divertissement)

Music by Scott Joplin, Scott Hayden, Josepf F. Lamb, Paul Pratt, Donals Ashwander, RObert, Hampton

Choreographed by Kenneth MacMillan

Staged by Kevin O’Hare and Edward Watson

Costumes by Ian Spurling

Lighting by Carolyn Wong




Images © courtesy of Joyce Theater

The New York Times by Gia Kourlas


The ballet festival draws to a close with an intriguing program (Béjart, Macmillan and Gemma Bond)


As the Joyce Theater wrapped up its ballet festival last week, it was the designer Jean-Marc Puissant — in truth, he is a former dancer — who arranged an evening of intriguingly contrasting parts: a young female choreographer with a taste for restraint; a Maurice Béjart duet dusted off for a new generation; and a vintage work by Kenneth MacMillan, light in tone yet vibrant in appearance.


Part of the festival overseen by Kevin O’Hare, the Royal’s director, Mr. Puissant’s program may have featured older works — the Béjart and the MacMillan date to the 1970s — but it felt fresh.


Mr. Puissant’s program was one to respect.


The applause lasted long after the curtain fell.


(Aug. 18, 2019)